Welcome to Little Fuzzy Ones
Please take a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

My name is Amy Holtkamp.  I design and needle felt each fuzzy one myself.  Each of my animals have unique characteristics and personalities.  While I may make the same animal more than once, each critter is special in it's own way.  When I needle felt there is no pattern (I start with wool and a barbed needle), so each critter is unique and can't be made the exact way again.  I use sheep or alpaca wool as the main ingredient in all of my animals.  Some animals have glass eyes others may have felted eyes, it just depends on the animals characteristics.  I also use wire armatures in some of the little critters. 

Each little fuzzy comes with a hang tag with his/her name.  The tag also includes a list of materials used in the creation of your new fuzzy friend and my signature. 

I hope you enjoy looking around the site. 

All products are made using wool or wool blend and sculpted with barbed needles to create the needle felted effect. 
These are Adult Collectables. 
Not suitable for Children.