About Me

My name is Amy Holtkamp.  I have grown up in southern Ohio all my life, and plan on staying here for a little while longer.  I met my husband at college in a parking lot, no we didn't run into each other with our cars, while that might have made a more interesting story.  We met through mutual friends.  I graduated in 2007 with a bachelors of science for exercise physiology.  I worked in the field for a while until I realized it wasn't my passion.  If I am not creating something I feel unfocused.  So being the loving husband, David, told me to find something that I can get enjoyment out of doing.  I took a few art classes and dabbled in different activities.  Since then we've moved, and I've spent the past few months fixing up our new home.     

My mother and father have played a large part in helping me grow in my creativity throughout my life. Over the years I have had an interest in drawing, painting, photography, knitting, crocheting, loom knitting, sewing, quilting, needle punching, scrap booking, decorating, and cooking.

For many years my mother attempted to get me interested in making teddy bears, she has been participating in bear shows throughout the country for the past five years.  She was unsuccessful at convincing me to join in making teddy bears but her heart was in the right place.  She had a show in New Hampshire and I decided to tag along and be her little helper.  There I was introduced to the wonderful world of needle felting.  I had attempted needle felting a few weeks before and had pretty good beginners luck with a chicken.  The day before the show there was needle felting demonstration.  Once I saw all the colors of fabulous wools I was hooked. 

I have been amazed how you start with a ball of fluffy wool from a sheep or alpaca and end up with a fuzzy little sculpture.  Every time I make a little fuzzy one I am astonished it came from a ball of fluff.  Out of all the crafts and hobbies I have done (which seems to be an endless list) needle felting is the one true hobby I have fallen in love head over heals!  I can't get enough of creating these little fuzzy creatures who all have different personalities.