Available Critters

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Little Peggy is sure glad to meet you. Her flowing rainbow locks are sure to brighten up any gloomy day. She is needle felted with glass eyes and rainbow locks. Peggy is just shy of 5 inches from her bottom to the tip of her ears.

Marie the Cat
Marie is a prime and proper cat. She is a little over 4.5 inches. She has emerald green eyes and little whiskers.  Marie is oh so fashionable with her silver bow in her ear and around her neck. 
I am sure she will be pleased to meet you. 

Jack the Red Fox 
Meet Jack, he sure is glad to see you. Jack is a curious fox, whose always up for an adventure. He has a posable wired body, he also has glass eyes to explore the world around him. Jack measures 9.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his fluffy tail. He is one of the sweetest fuzzies I've encountered on my journey. 

Simon the Bunny
This is Simon, he has an ear to lend if you need a chat. His stature is just shy of 4.5 inches. He is needle felted with a little fluffy white tail. He's always ready to keep you company and hopes to find a forever home. 
Carl the Camel 
Meet Carl. He enjoys sandy walks in the desert, while he's not taking in the sun you can find him at the closest oasis relaxing. Carl is 6.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches from nose to tail. He is sculpted with wool and has glass eyes. He also comes to you with a grinning smile.

Sammy the Sea Lion
For most the day Sammy is found sitting on the rocks soaking up the rays of the sun. He comes with glass eyes, polymer clay nose, and whiskers. He is 4 inches long.

Ricky the Duck 
Allow me to introduce you to Ricky. He's a sweet fellow who is always available for some quality time near the pond with special friends. He is made with wool and wrapped wired legs for his webbed feet. He measures just a little over 4 inches sitting. I hope he gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Tukee the baby Toucan
If you've ever been to the jungle you may have spotted Tukee's mother. Baby Tukee the toucan is 6.5 inches from tail to the end of his beak. His body is sculpted using wool to create his unique figure and beak. His special feature is his very large needle felted wired feet to keep him sturdy in his new world. 

Macaroon Set
While these aren't critters they are low in calories. You can get a 3 pack and don't worry about adding those extra pounds.